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Oh my god fuck I’ve lost my passport and I’m going to Sweden next month

Shit shit shit

When you break up with someone where does the love go?

The love doesn’t go anywhere, it looses direction and you put it in places you don’t expect like when you smile at a stranger on the street or pick up a sock a baby dropped and run after the mother to give it back, when a shop keeper let’s you off a couple pence it’s because their love lost direction and it’s going to unexpected people. When your love finds direction again you invest it in yourself and you heal from the inside out and then you will feel ready to try to put yourself through the whole experience again.

Late night thoughts of a fool



actually ive found some pretty nice places to live so far, and i collected the group up who spoke to me about moving, hopefully we can get this done by the end of august 

I am trying, this time last year, we saw basement jaxx and greece was coming up but I’m trying I’m trying

i want to be out there changing lives and stuff or something bigger than just sitting here


I got this dress from my 80 yr old nana

its so lovely

it only takes half an hour to drive to my uni from my parents, maybe i should stay home and learn to drive, get a car, spend the money i would on a house on my car, and move out next year…

being grown up is so tough, cant we be 16 again please