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velvet :)

vintage :)

Tom Odell // Grow Old With Me

grow old with me
let us share what we see
and all the best it could be
just you and I!

Under Control // Ellie Goulding 


davjib1 said: YPU GOT ENGAGED!? 0.o

paha i wish

selling some cool stuff on eBay for cheap!

check it out

i’m waiting for 9 things to arrive from ebay sighsighsigh

not much time left to go now!

where’d ya think you’re going baby?

i have 60 active things on my ebay wish list and about 80% is incense sticks and cones :L and the rest is rings sigh

what eBay is charging me for making money wth no thats not fair

no, no jadine you cannot bring a cup to practice the cup song on the bus no

what app do you use to make your gifs holy cow!

i use for photoscape you can download it for free and edit photos are stuff too :) x

yay i an do the first verse and chorus really really awfully but im proud, fuck clubbing i wanna do this all night